~*~ A Precious Muslimah's Wise Response to Husband's Bitterness~*~

A man had an argument with his wife and said, "I am going to make your life miserable." The wife calmly replied, "You cannot do that." He said, "Why not?" She said: "If happiness were to be found in money or jewellery, you could deprive me of it and take it away from me, but it is nothing over which you or any other person has control. I find happiness in my faith, and my faith is in my heart, and no one has power over it except my creator".

Another mean man, broke his wife's heart in to pieces with the most bitter of words, he has ever said.Calling over her upon mobile, he said: Salam, Listen! I got from you what i wished for and now as I'm in love with someone else, I'm divorcing you today (anniversary day).He didn't even gave her chance to reply and thus disconnected the phone . So she silently replied him in her heart, "I shall remember you not as the one who broked my heart but as the one who taught me how to live with a broken heart." 

A Truth: A woman can be patient with her husband's poverty,unattractiveness and busy schedule but she cannot be patient with his rude behaviour.No man honors a woman except a honourable one and no one demeans a woman except a mean person.

Sheik Mohammad Al-Arifi.

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