~*~ The Signs of Beneficial Knowledge ~*


Ask yourself about how much you share from the signs of beneficial knowledge, which are as follows:

1.Implementing it.
2.Hatred of being praised, complimented, or displaying haughtiness over others.
3.Increasing your modesty with the increase of your knowledge.
4.Fleeing from the love of leadership, fame, and worldly pleasures.
5.Abandoning the claim to have knowledge.
6.Having bad suspicions about oneself, and good suspicion about other people, so as to steer clear from disparaging them.
‘Abdullaah Ibn al-Mubarak used to say, in poetry if the manners of the Salaf were mentioned:
“Do not compare us to them
For the sound person who walks
is not the same as the crippled one.”

By: The Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge | Shaykh Bakr Aboo Zayd rahimahullaah


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