~*~ Muslimah's Cosmetics ~*~

Dear sisters, do you want to look more beautiful? If so, then try the following remedy

1) Let GHADUL BASHAR (lowering gaze) be "eye shadow" to your eyes ... Insha'Allah it will be pure and calm

2) Put on "lipstick" IKHLAS (sincerity) on your lips ... Insha'Allah Azawajal it will look sweeter

3) Use "blushes" on your cheek that is made of RIJA & KHAUF (hope and fear) shyness and mode style based on Iman

4) Wash your face with ISTIGHFAR (repentance) "soap" to cleanse away all sins and mistakes that you have done

5) Treat your hair not with hair sprays nor gels but with JILBAB ISLAMI (Islamic hijab) ... Insha'Allah it will guard you from the evil gaze of Man

6) Beautify your finger with UKHUWAH (sisterhood) ring

7) The best chain is the chain of purity

8 ) Powder your face with WUDU ... Insha'Allah Azawajal it will be shining in the Hereafter

JazakAllah Khairun 

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